Welcoming Shareholders for Summer 2017!

We're offering a special summer only share option this year! Our summer crops are looking great, and we want to share them all with more people in our community. We have 'Regular' shares picked-up or delivered to your door weekly, as well as 'Every-Other-Week' regular shares.

Regular Summer Only Share - $300: Our regular share through the Summer! 9 weeks of your favorite veggies! Shares run from July 4th through Labor Day in early September. PYO crops (Cherry Tomatoes, Green Beans and Pole Beans, Flowers and Herbs) are also included! Produce likely to include Cucumbers, Squash and Zucchini, Lettuce, Parsley, Basil, Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Green Beans, Sweet Corn, Swiss Chard, Watermelons, Cantaloupe, Kale, Garlic, Scallions, Eggplants, Onions, Carrots and more! Delivery to your door for an additional $45

Every-Other-Week Summer Only Share - $ 150: Our regular share every other week through the Summer! Shares run from early July through the end of August; specific dates depend on which alternate group you are in, for 4 pick-ups total. Expect the same veggie selection as above. Delivery to your door for an additional $20.

7-10 items weekly, lots of choices and flexibility with pickup, and delivery if you wish! Grown with Biodynamic and Organic practices.
To purchase a share, go here: Sign me up!

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We're still taking members for the reminder of the whole season and are happy to pro-rate the price, from now until the end of October!

We are an established organic and biodynamic (non-gmo) farm providing fresh, delicious, healthy, clean produce to our neighbors through CSA Veggie Shares. We proudly serve Red Hook, Rhinebeck, Tivoli, Germantown, Clinton, Clinton Corners, Pine Plains, and other surrounding communities in the Hudson Valley. Besides providing great veggies, we foster healthy relationships between soil, water, and the greater ecosystem as well as among our human community through our farming practices, family-friendly community events, education, and more.