Welcoming Shareholders for 2017!


Community and relationships are the foundation of Great Song Farm.

We strive to foster a healthy and vibrant community where people can form direct and meaningful connections to nature, agriculture, and each other, on a small diverse farm. We work to balance the needs of eaters and farmers while providing the utmost care and attention to the soil, the plants, and the animals.

Our growing methods regenerate and vitalize the soils we work, and the community that our farming impacts. We work to ensure the health of the entire farm and strive to realize its potential as self-sustaining, an eco-system unto itself, as well as in relationship to the greater community. Our management practices build vigorous, complex communities of plants, animals, minerals, insects, birds, and micro-organisms – without any chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or heavy reliance on fossil fuels.

We endeavor to act as responsible and conscientious stewards of our common watershed, wild flora and fauna and other natural resources, which are vitally important to sustaining Mother Earth.

-Farmer Anthony Mecca