CSA Veggie Shares

Why sign up for a Great Song Farm CSA Veggie Share?

  • Unbeatable freshness and variety.
  • Clean, Vibrant, Healthy Food. We use organic and biodynamic (non-gmo) practices with focus on plant and soil health that gets passed on to you!
  • All your favorite veggies along with new ones offered to try.
  • A well balanced mix of veggies each week. Each week offers salad greens, cooking greens, onion family, fresh herbs, and seasonal fruits and roots.
  • You choose what you take home. No waste due to excess or because you're not a fan of a particular veggie. There is a sharing table where you can leave what you don't prefer and take more of what you do!
  • Great value, with savings over markets if you can even find the variety and quality.
  • 3 different share types to suit you, along with flexible pick-up days.
  • Delicious varieties, colors, and types of common veggies not commonly found at market that you won't be able to live without once you try them.
  • Pick-Your-Own access for Sugar Snap and Snow Peas, Cherry Tomatoes, Green Beans, Cut Flowers, and Herbs.
  • Experience the quiet and peaceful nature on the farm. A small oasis right down the road.
  • Option for delivery to your door.
  • Community events for children and adults.
  • Visit our farm animals.
  • Know your farmer, your farm, your food.
  • We also offer a wide selection of products from other local, organic or biodynamic farms and fine food purveyors in our farm store, including bread, eggs, soft and hard cheeses, honey, fruits, yogurt, sauerkrauts and kim chee, drinks, ice cream, and more.
$25 discount if you sign up by 2/27! Enter Promo Code EARLYBIRD at checkout.

We offer 3 share options:

-  Shares run for 22 weeks, from June to the beginning of November.

-  7 - 10+ items are offered to choose from each week.

-  Delivery to your door is available for a fee to Red Hook and Rhinebeck.

  • Regular Share     

$595 ($27/week)

A bountiful assortment of produce perfect for folks who enjoy veggies and cooking at home.

  • Every-Other-Week Regular Share     

$325 ($29.55/every-other-week)

Our regular share picked up every other week for 11 pick-ups total. For single folks who aren't big vegetable eaters, or couples and families who have another source of veggies you'd like to supplement with our wide variety (such as a garden or the farmer's market). Maybe you eat many meals out, but still prize fresh, delicious produce? This is the share for you!

  • Family Size Larger Share     

$925 ($42/week)

A larger, more abundant share, (double the regular!) perfect for couples or families of vegetable lovers or those with growing teenagers or young adults.

$25 discount if you sign up by 2/27! Enter Promo Code EARLYBIRD at checkout.


You can pay via credit card through our store in full or using a payment plan with $50 minimum deposit.

We also accept checks via mail; please sign up through the store and select the

If using a payment plan, the remaining balance will be split equally between the number of months prior to the first pick-up and billed the first of each month. For example, if you purchase a regular share prior to 2/27, the payments would be: $50 - $25 discount deposit at purchase = $25. The remaining balance is $545, split between 4 payments (March, April, May, June) would be $545 / 4 = $136.25 per month.

If you are unable to pay the full share price but are interested in participating, please get in touch. We have a 'Share the Harvest' fund to help those in need to afford the cost of a share. We also accept SNAP benefits.

We freely accept donations to the Share the Harvest fund.

What types of vegetables are offered, and in what season?

We grow over 40 types of vegetables and herbs, and over 200 varieties!

  • Samples of what might be in a Regular share.

Pick Up Days

  • Tuesdays 3:00 - 6:30 pm

  • Saturdays 12:30 - 4 pm

  • Delivery-to-your-door Thursdays

We ask that you commit to one 'regular' pickup day when signing-up but allow switching days if you give notice 2 days in advance.

Extended Pick-up Windows

We'll have a new cooler in our pick-up area, enabling us to keep your share fresh and hold it aside when needed. If you won't be able to  make it by the end of share pick-up, let us know and we'll put your share aside in the cooler for pick-up at your convenience for up to 48 hours. Stop by whenever, no need to set up a time.

If you need to miss a week, you can

  • ask a friend to pick up for you

  • double up the prior or following week

  • use a Vacation day. You can choose to skip 1 (every-other-week share) or 2 (regular and family shares) weeks during the season and add a week (or 2) at the end of the season in November, or use the value towards a credit in our farm store.

  • we also donate produce to local food pantries and are happy to pass along your share.

$25 discount if you sign up by 2/27! Enter Promo Code EARLYBIRD at checkout.

What is Community Supporting Agriculture (CSA)?

Community Supporting Agriculture is a relationship where community members pledge support to a farm early each year and are then provided with fresh vegetables throughout the season. By participating in Great Song Farm CSA, members receive the freshest possible local food, grown with organic and biodynamic practices, and foster important relationships between their neighbors, their farmers, their food, the land, and the natural world. This commitment of mutual support helps farmers to grow high quality food in a health-bringing manner, knowing they are supported and knowing directly the people they are serving. Both partners share in the risks and rewards of farming. Community Supporting Agriculture helps members restore a direct connection to where their food comes from and offers an opportunity to receive fresh, local, organic/biodynamic produce at affordable prices!

CSA Share Details

As a shareholder you receive a generous variety of fresh, seasonal produce, just steps from where it was grown, and harvested and washed the morning of your pick up. We grow household staples like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, squash, and melons, as well as newer favorites like kale, chard, asian greens, arugula and more! A variety of pick-your-own crops, such as snap and snow peas, green beans of many types, perennial and annual flowers and herbs, and cherry tomatoes are included with each share. We carefully select each variety we grow for flavor and quality. Each week offers a balance of salad greens, cooking greens, onion family, herbs, and seasonal fruits and roots, 7-10 varieties of produce each week. We continue to offer more choice and flexibility with a sharing table/swap box and flexible/switchable pick up days. As the season progresses, your share will change along with the harvest.