Harvest Celebration

Harvest Celebration

Sunday October 14th

Help harvest beets and carrots for the winter, enjoy a potluck supper and conversation with friends, and a community reading and sharing featuring recently published poet and CSA shareholder John Fitzpatrick, and you!

1 pm - 5 pm: Beet and Carrot harvest in the back hilltop fields.  We'll be pulling and digging, topping and bagging these sweet roots to be transported with the help of our horses and you to our root cellar to be stored for the winter CSA.

5 pm: Pot Luck Supper.  Please bring a dish to share and a table setting.

Once we've eaten and conversed a bit, probably around 6 or 6:30, we will have a Community Sharing.  John Fitzpatrick is a local poet who will be reading from his newly published book, Moving to Completion
, to start us off.  Then we will open the floor to anyone who would like to share poetry, your own or someone elses, a short story, maybe even from your own life, a (clean) joke, a painting, a drawing, a song, a dance, anything you would like.  Please join us!

A little bit about John's poetry:
Moving To Completion reflects a fascination with nature and a communication with the spirit world found through sentient and insentient beings around us. Through poetry, photography, and art work, individual items such as a turtle, bird, fox, or migrating geese, provide the reader with unique reflections on simple ordinary animals. Moving To Completion shows an energy of oneness between nature’s spirit and the creative human spirit found within every element of the universe.
To find out more about John’s poetry and bio, please visit his website: http://turtleami.com.

be well
-Anthony and Lisa