Great Song Farm Newsletter

Dear Members,
       The season is upon us!  Though perhaps not quite as upon us as you
may have heard...The rumors (started by yours truly) of a first
Tuesday Pick-up happening June 7th are proving to be unfounded.  The
combination of cool, wet weather earlier this season with having to
plow up sod in all infrequently available dry windows, combined with
the sudden unseasonable heat, has slightly slowed the vegetable
growth.   While there is indeed food in the field, we aim to provide
an abundance of diverse vegetables to you for the entire 22 weeks
from June to November.
       That being said, rather than have you fill your baskets with chard,
we will be hosting the first pick-up on Tuesday JUNE 14th, when we may
have lettuce heads, chard, arugula, kale, kohlrabi, hakurei salad
turnips, radishes, spinach, and bok choy.  And, not to worry, we will
continue to host pick-ups for 22 weeks, extending in to mid-November.
       For those of you signed up for Saturday distributions, stay
tuned.  We'll know by Wednesday whether or not your first pick-up is
June 11th or not.
       When you come by in two Tuesdays or Saturdays, parking will again be
in the field.  Look for the sign that points to “CSA parking,” and be
wary of the bumps!  You are also welcome to park along the road in
front of the Steel's house.  Please BRING YOUR OWN RE-USABLE SHOPPING
BAGS!  We will provide small plastic bags for greens (though you are
certainly welcome to bring something for those too!) , and the baskets
to collect your share will be available next to the sign-in sheet in
the Red Stable (look for “CSA Area” sign), but we need for them to
stay at the farm for future use at pick-ups.  Also, I am attaching the
Great Song Farm Rules and Liability waiver.  Please bring a printed
and signed copy, along with the rest of your share payment (if
applicable), to the first vegetable pick up on June 14th.
       In the meantime, we are busy building shelving for the distribution
area, creating a wash station to clean up your veggies before their
big show, working in the field with the horses and the hoes, training
the oxen, and putting more and more vegetable plants and seeds in the
ground.  The tomato stakes are in, and the twine to trellis them and
keep them upright is on its way.  While the grass continues to poke
it's many heads up in all sorts of places reserved for vegetables
only, we've had some wonderful willing hands from a few members to
help pull them out.
       I am attaching a few documents about optional add-ons to your
vegetable share - local honey, meats, eggs, and apples.  Let us know
about the honey and apples, and talk with Lisa from Gray Horse Farm
about meat and eggs by this Friday, June 10th, if you are interested!
       We are so grateful to all of you who could make it last Sunday, and
helped make our first ever Open Farm Celebration truly spectacular.
Your enthusiasm is inspiring, and I loved all the questions and
comments during the tour!  Relaxing on the lawn afterwards, while
Sarah sang to Debbie's guitar, surrounded by my new community, I was
gifted with the ideal chance to revel in the wealth of this life I
lead.  Thank you for supporting us so wholeheartedly, so genuinely, in
this venture of raising healthy, delicious food in the most enriching
work environment I could imagine.
       See you June 14th, and until then, may you enjoy many fresh local
ripe strawberries!

       Jen Carson
       Great Song Farm
       475 Milan Hill Rd
       Milan/Red Hook, NY 12571