Spring is Nigh Neeiiiiggghhhhbors

First off, Thanks so much to all of you who have signed on as CSA members with Great Song Farm this coming season!  We are grateful for your early support and all the help and inspiration we have been receiving.  Things are really coming alive around here lately, be it green shoots popping up through the soil, bird song and the honking of geese coming home after a long winter, meeting another friendly face in our neighborhood or receiving a new membership in our mailbox; these small treasures keep us moving forward.

Second, a quick reminder about our info meeting this Sunday, March 13th, 1pm, Great Song Farm (475 Milan Hill Rd, Milan).  We're looking forward to meeting you if we haven't already!  Tell all your friends and neighbors and help us grow the farm community!

Things are busy as usual around here and are moving along well.  Our greenhouse is set up and we have begun our seeding for the upcoming season, starting with the onions.  We'll be moving on to scallions, chard, parsley, celeriac and many more and will be planting peas outdoors at the end of the month once the rest of the snow melts and the ground dries out a bit.  Crisp green peas!  Can you taste them, fresh off the vine in the early morning, the dew still yet to dry?  Hard to believe right now, but before you know it we'll be aching for shade and the flesh of a ripe juicy melon as a respite from the summer sun, enjoying the literal fruits (and vegetables) that the earth provides for us to enjoy and share.

We're also preparing for our working partners this season, a team of Suffolk draft horses, to arrive on Monday.

Meet Kate: Living Strength, Beauty, Grace

And Sunny, Kate's younger companion, full of a wonderful youthful energy

A kind, willing, and interested gaze

A view we'll see quite a bit of this season.

We have a photo album online now full of photos from the farms we have worked with in the past as well as some newer pictures.  Beautiful produce, flowers, horses, cows, pigs, chickens, and other people we've had the privilege of sharing our lives with.  You might find yourself in the mix someday!

We also have MP3s of our recent Interview with Sally's Garden Show on WKZE for you to download or listen to in your browser:

Hope you're all enjoying Mud Season!  Spring is nigh!

be well